So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria, God and life, teaching and gardening plus the occasional cow

So what snow?

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SNOW?  Due for the next few days, but the resorts have loads, although the warm temperatures recently apparently make it sticky. This also meant a lot melted here and the yard is a skating rink. Maybe we’ll get enough snow to do some Cross Country skiing this weekend…..

I’m once again sat in the kitchen, tapping away, house nearly post Christmas sorted.  I’d like to take the tree down but I guess Dave’ll say it’s too soon.  I’m just starting to feel normal again, on Christmas Eve I felt unwell at the Airport, and by the evening it was clear I’d eaten something that didn’t like me, and threw up the entire evening. I rebuked and Cursed it like a Andrew Wommack teaches, but the body has taken a while to get over it.  Never mind  Christmas itself was short, sweet and mega with daughter. It’s now time to move back to normality.  In fact as Michelle said, the run up to Christmas, although wonderful, makes the whole thing in one day seem to be over too quickly.

Looking back, there was just so much to do and think about before,it was stressful and now I’m in a surprisingly quiet place.  Feeling better helps.  I’ve the new job in St Martin to start – cleaning holiday chalets, at about 5 days a month that suits.  I had a job interview arranged at a dentist in Tamsweg as a cleaner, but they gave it to someone else, what a relief.  I’m going to do some feeding and mucking out for Lois in the next week,while his groom’s on holiday and I really don’t mind, I feel as if somethings lifted from me.

New Year is coming, and I expect we’ll spend it in watching Andy Borg on the tv. The Musikandelstadl is a great show, a bit like Saturday night at the Palladium used to be. Well rehearsed unexpected happenings, music, people just really enjoying themselves.  Played on a huge set with beer tables, all drink and enjoy and there’s no trouble!  Maybe the Uk should take a look at it and get rid of all these talent shows and actually USE the talent to entertain people. The thought of going to one of the parties in our area doesn’t appeal, because of the firework chucking that goes on!  We’ve loads of dvds to watch which makes me feel happy, not to mention a new Kindle to use once I get my wireless connection sorted. So ends 2011!


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