So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria, God and life, teaching and gardening plus the occasional cow

Life goes on despite the lack of snow!!!

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One of the Lungau Trachtenmode Groups at the Volkskulturfest

I know I keep on harping on about snow but everyone’s remarking on the lack of it.  Several of the  local resorts are now building their pistes with snow canons, we had minus 9 last night, so that helps. This is because snow is made here purely on water and cold air, no chemicals because of the pollution of the waterways.  We drove to Murau today and some of the shady sides of the valley haven’t thawed for weeks and the frost is so deep it looks like snow. I’ve just seen a report on ORF evening news with resort owners looking resolutely cheerful  even though they cant make the  snow – due to temperature inversion its actually too warm for the canons- its only those on the north side and hence shaded that are snow making!

Also whats up in the Lungau this autumn.  There seems to be a funeral every week, when I was in Mariapfarr yesterday I could hear the funeral bells both there and in St Andre and there was another in Tamsweg this week.  There’s been 21 losses in Ramingstein alone, is it the odd weather??????

I had coffee with a new neighbour on Thursday and she’s a lovely lady, we talked away.  I’m guilty of telling about Erna’s moaning the entire summer, and she knows her, but volunteered herself that she’s difficult.  This family built a house on the corner of our plot, and seems were deeply unpopular with all for it – but as that was in the 1980s things have calmed down.  I’d seen her previously with another friend at The Lungau Volkskulturfest in September, she’s a member of the Ramingstein Frauentrachtenmode group, and I’ve been invited along to one of their meets.  It involves wearing the local costume and turning out on parades – see photos.  At least I’ll get to meet some more folks – I’ve also felt hesitant about going being a foreigner.  I can hear my dear departed mother laughing at me, and probably so will my daughter too! It seems so sad that its through our neighbours death I’ve got to know more people.

Most important though is that now I’ve got a Crosstrainer, in an attempt to regain some fitness, I’ve lost all muscle tone – and to think that I thought working at the Burg would keep me fit.  So the contraption is in the spare room and after the first session, many muscles are complaining – tough I say. Funny as I walk more with God, I feel more distanced from this body and can laugh at its desire for food and rest.  As Andrew Wommack says, all this trying to subdue the flesh through denying it etc doesn’t work, you need to renew your mind first, then the body follows!


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