So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria, God and life, teaching and gardening plus the occasional cow

Snow, snow, quick,quick, snow!

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It'll be here soon enough, this was by the Joeph Merle Hutte in Schonfeld a couple of years ago

This autumn’s mild weather prompted my change of blog title, and as I write on the 15th of November, there is very little snow here at all.  We had some on the tops, such as Obertauern a few weeks ago but its all melted. Normally by now there’s enough to start the season and some of the hotels advertising for staff must already be open. There’s no glacier here for all year snow, so maybe they’ll have to bus people to Zell am see…….the snow usually turns up here in force at the end of the month and us valley huggers are in no rush for it to arrive!  There’s no apparent change in the forecast yet, we’re getting -8c at night which is normal and beautiful days. It seems Italy and France had shedloads of the stuff, but its thawed! The Austrian football team just got snowed in in the Ukraine though……..

Now I’m out of work and looking for something that’s all year, but all I’m finding is seasonal stuff.  We have work with the Asylums until the end of the year when the funds run out,  our first real therapy client and the two girls I’m teaching to ride who may go on through the winter, so it makes it difficult to find something – if we could just get funding next year, I could go self employed.

Work aside, life is wonderful!  God has changed things quite suddenly.  We now have a new Bible group, we met for the first time last week and it was lovely and spirit filled.  We just sat and chatted, all having so much to say on what we believe and have experienced, I feel we’ll eventually find a theme and study that, but at the moment we’re getting to know each other.  It’ll be weekly and you know for once I’m not worrying about being out late and feeling tired, for not only has God lifted the tiredness and deep fatigue, he’s given me a renewed spirit of eagerness to be out and about and enjoying life,(Thanks Joyce Meyer)  this is more than increased medication it’s a renewal.

Then through the sadness of or neighbours loss, I’ve got to know Lizzie, and through her found out about the local keep fit class in Ramingstein.  I went for the first time last night and although I wasn’t quite as bad as I thought, I’ve found I can’t hold my legs in the air while lying on my back – no muscles at all, will need to practise.  I only dissolved into laughter at myself once!  Out of that I’ve an invitation to coffee with another neighbour.    I’m also planning an English Christmas tea party and have baked cakes and will do mince pies, funny its taken me nearly five years to get this far.

Life is good, thanks God!


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