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My Sponge Bob day……

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End of the veggie season

After the strains of this summer, the continual tiredness and the lack of time to do things like serious walking, Dave and I finally had a weekend off and could do what we wanted.  I began thinking of what I wanted to do and was suddenly reminded of Sponge Bob’s best day (here he’s Sponge bob, sponge head), where he has these plans to see his mates and do things but it all goes horribly wrong until the end where suddenly he’s a star and they all love him again.  Not that I wanted a day like that, but the sentiment of looking at a day with real anticipation and pleasure, of doing familiar and dear things.   Now while I’m loathe to even admit that I’m middle aged, unfortunately that cap fits. Its not such a bad place to be, the agonies of teenage and the demands of parenthood over, a place to be self once again.

 So what was my day?  A lie in was the first order, a coffee in bed and no need to rush out anywhere. Leisurely breakfast, and in the warm sunshine, a finishing of the tasks in the garden – I had parsnips, leeks and sprouts to harvest as well as tidying up stuff.  This Dave and I did peacefully  working as a team.  The parsnips were our best yet, even though the so called molemouse had munched some of the bottoms off. That done, I bought cakes from the baker for lunch then, feeling very thrifty washed, cut and stored the veggies in the freezer.  By the time we’d done this, the sun was tipping over the hill behind us putting the garden in the shade.  So indoors we lit the fire and I cooked an early supper of sausages and chips (a meal we always used to have on Saturdays when the kids were at home), accompanied with a glass of wine.  A soak in the bath with a good book and a DVD in English to watch, then an unbroken night’s sleep, unlike the past few months!

 Sad or what?  Quiet pleasures simply taken, the day was like a breathing space before I moved on to autumnspring  cleaning and looking for a new job. Iam so undeservedly blessed not like old Sponge B!

Author: annarashbrook

English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

One thought on “My Sponge Bob day……

  1. This the type of thing I like to hear about, more of this please Anna!


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