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Robinson Crusoe -tv series

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Like many of my generation I saw this tv series as a child, presumably when it was first aired in 1965, with a blonde haired Robert Hoffmann (Austrian!) playing Robin.  I think as a child your perceptions are new and sharpened and I was for years haunted by the loneliness of his situation.  The music is iconic for this, and for a long time I wanted to find a recording of this. The advent of DVD and video has changed all this of course – oh how I longed as a teenager  for a machine which meant I could watch Top of the Pops with David Bowie and Queen as often as I wanted!

Now I’m watching it all again, and the loneliness doesn’t feel so acute. He’s portrayed so well with 18th century sensibilities.  Our perception of them today is mangled by political correctness and a perception of homosexuality (Friday).  When the book was written, it was possible for two blokes to be just mates! Robert Hoffman I’ve since seen in German films and he had many roles, the narrator I need to research as his voice is so different from Hoffman’s, making Robin’s a unique identity.  Now I see an athletic young bloke with a tight bum and thighs, whereas I think as a child I just saw a bloke!

Ha, I’ve found the narrator on the net, Lee Payant.  He was gay,lived in Paris and was a musician as well as a film director.  I always found the voice musical and sensuous, maybe this is why.

I was talking to Dave about this loneliness and he picked up on something I’d thought, as a lonely child, maybe I was unconsciously identifying with his situation. What do you think?

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