So where's the snow?

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Indian Summer

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Confused apple tree

We’ve been enjoying the most amazing weather here, in fact since it last snowed!!!!!  Its been frustrating being cooped up in the Burg especially as the season has been extended.  A German TV channel is making a living in the Middle ages series and three journalists have to live in a nice cold Burg later this month and do all things medieval.  Saying that, they’ve already had to have cold baths with their clothes on in the Hof for the advertising.  There’s been a ‘Plumbs Clo’ built which is the old castle one where you stick your rear end over a hole in a wooden plank – but that was a fake because the original loo was underneath!  I’ll be in on the filming as nice kind Helmuth has given us extra work coming each day to do the real loos and showers -grrrrr, right while my daughter is here.

Schonfeld, one of our favourite places to walk, just on the edge of the Lungau

Back to the weather. Its got the plants here really confused. Up on the mountains the Alm roses are flowering again and in a local village one apple tree is in bloom -see picture above. I think it maybe has more to do with that village having been hit by the hail in August and then the brief snow, the heat has made it think of spring.  As we’ve got snow forecast for Saturday, poor thing is in for another shock!  We’ve been up in the mountains walking and its been amazing,some farmers still have their cows up their as we’ve had this warm spell, may save them a bit in hay!  We’ve harvested the garden, and it all seems so odd when its so warm.  Dave and I have had the annual argument about putting the geraniums into the cellar for winter -ha I won and the garden is still full of colour, though I dare say I’ll give in if it does snow….

Bringing the sheep down off the Alm, and a big party at Goriach!

Life is so busy at the moment, that I’ve little time for blogging.  Edith and I are having an EAGALA workshop on the 21st, Stef is visiting so I guess there wont be many blogs until the end of the month -happy autumn!

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English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

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