So where's the snow?

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Autumn this year

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Following on from my autumn blog, we had a real touch of it this weekend.  The snow was well and truly forecast, so this Sunday, all over the Lungau, the cows were on foot going home.  They caused the most horrific traffic jams -hahaha!  

Snow in the Hof

The rain and snow arrived on Monday while I was at the Burg. Luckily, Dave at home and performed a rescue on our marrows and geraniums.  The tops around us are all white but the temperatures will be back up again by the weekend. I just felt so sorry for those farmers who for some reason left it till Monday to bring the cows down in the snow, that must have been really freezing work!

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English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

One thought on “Autumn this year

  1. Been to Austria, last month. It was nice there and really awesome place. 🙂 I also posted some Autumn topics in my blog.


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