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Diktler Hutte, Weisspriach

Another late entry!

We had a lovely Easter weekend….. eventually.  I was exhausted by work and the Erna business.  Still we had a great time at Edith’s Easter fire on Saturday, there really did seem to be more fires despite all the new restrictions – a good healthy disrespect for petty minded officials!  I ate a chocolate bunny on Sunday – stuff the cholesterol. Of course now I keep worrying and have to pray myself out of it!   Oh but it was gooooood! Monday was spent sewing the garden with the veggie seeds – I just hope it doesn’t snow again.

Sunday we took a walk to the Diktler Hutte at Weisspriach again.  I love watching the old lady cooking Kasierschmarnn and ladling huge noodles out of the saucepans and onto the plates. I had Lungauer soup ane was presented with clear soup with the most enormous bacon noodle sat in it, wonderful! We sat inside and had a sudden conversation with an elderly couple at the next table. Who of course thought we were Dutch and then complimented me on my German!  Har har. He told us as usual about how the climate has warmed here in the past 50 years, and he remembered a metre of snow outside his house as a kid.  In the 1950s, there were 17 avalanches between Tweng and Obertauern and the trees were just snapped off.  He then got onto the EU, and we found as we’d thought, Austrians hate the EU as much as us, as well as the USA,Obama  and the Euro. Maye be we’re all more european than we thought in our dislike!  He then said, when the rest of the world has blown up the Lungau will still be here because it is so cut off from the rest of the world because of  the mountains in the north though less in the south. We were agreed Lungau is special!

Back to work tomorrow, as I write I’m leaving it to God, and I will endure, Lord give me the grace to live with the difficlt Austrian!


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