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Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

Paggy News, the Not Beatles and stuff

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A change from rain..........

All sorts of little things are happening here, daily life and stuff.  I’ve been praying more and getting closer to God, and saying to myself, ‘I don’t care anymore’.   Not that I don’t, it’s a way of saying I’m stepping back from all this, distancing myself and reclaiming my peace.

Poor Paggy has been in Hospital again. He suddenly collapsed and now that he has the Carer, the Doctor was quickly called and it seems it is a lung infection.  He still wont give a key to anyone and the Doctor had to climb in up a ladder! Paggy reckons he caught the bug on a jaunt out with the Postman, but maybe its this funny, very humid and hot weather we’ve had lately. He’s in a ward full of bright old gits which is good for him I think.  It was most embarrassing for me last time I went to visit, he said something about his wee bottle but it was only on his third attempt I realised he was saying he needed to use it- I got my coat! He should be home soon.

I had my meeting with the Boss lady and Helmuth.  I don’t see that anything is going to change.  They listened politely to my ideas.  Apparently previous cleaners have refused to carry the hoovers around the Burg, painting is costly, though there is a chance we’ll get  some bins and a ‘shut for cleaning sign’ maybe next year after the committee has agreed.  There’s some big upheaval coming in the organisation of the Burg, and the Boss lady agreed my German maybe wasnt up to the job offered, but maybe I should take a course – if I had a job offer maybe I would! If God wants me there, he’ll move on people and change things.  I’m getting seriously attracted to the idea of working this winter and having next summer off.  We do get a bit bored here in winter, I’d rather be here when I can garden or get out rather than being house bound in the snow.  Do I have a heart for the Burg -yes in a way.  However, one thing is definate, if Erna’s there next year, I’m finished. Michaela is also evaluating if she will, she has other jobs, but like last year, I expect I’ll say at the end of the season yes,I’m coming back  just to keep my options open.   No Erna maybe I’ll stay, I’ll be tired in any job, but all this lugging of buckets……On my last shift a door handle came off in my hand, trapping my bucket in an empty bedroom, but at least that Trakts empty for a week!  One the kids had broken one of the wooden bed frames, how did they ever sleep on those two nails??!!

We had a night out with our English neighbours to a concert in Tamsweg.  It was a group called Brainless – who played punk and the ‘not’ Beatles.  When the first  band came on, a bloke at the next table started to moan, bring on Hansi Hinterseer – ugh, Austria’s Daniel O’donnel.  He chatted to Dave and I thought, on no, not another drunk, leave us alone,and  he got the hint in the end. The group  did need a bit of practise but it made a change from the Volks ‘Dumblich’ popular music as I call it , with Lederhosen, songs about mountains and clarinets!  We saw four guys come on and check the instruments, and I did remark, I bet that’s them, they were all well middle-aged and plump. I was right, they shortly returned with black suits  and four of the most awful wigs you’d ever seen.  They very nearly sounded like the Beatles sometimes, but I couldn’t understand why they had to speak with an American accent. I’m afraid we went home in the interval!

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English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

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