So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria, God and life, teaching and gardening plus the occasional cow

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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Picture on Chapel on way through Lessach valley. It says dont go beyond here unless you have greeted Mary. So many of these in one spot, makes one wonder if these are people who didn't bother and if not is it safe to walk there!

Its been a funny old week at t’burg!  Erna has been ok to work with as I said, and I’ve had a couple of single shifts where I’ve worked so hard I’ve been wishing for the company.  Michaela has had some sort of problem, I really couldn’t understand what about.  It involved some woman called Gaby who didn’t come to work at the Burg because of Michaela, Michaela has been  allegedly arguing with this cook, her bloke has been blabbing her personal affairs to someone, oh I really don’t get it all.  She was quiet, rather than raging, and I couldn’t make head nor tail of things.  Then yesterday she went sick with diarrhoea, which is possible as someone had it at Burg on Friday and I was so careful about hand washing etc.  AND taking the power of the risen Christ within me, I rebuked it and commanded it leave the couple of times I felt off colour, so it missed me!   Michaela also said her bloke had the car, but she’ll be back Monday.  Its possible she’s lying, I have this gut feeling and we may never see her again…..

I had to pop up to the Burg to give someone a phone number – I’d got it all wrong, stupid numbers  in German being back to front.  They asked me if I’d been on strike because of Helmut, oh no I thought.  I saw him on the way out and he asked where Michaela was, so I said she’d sent him an SMS to say she’s off till Monday, he hadn’t received it. So I expect he had a major rant  about us, and that explains why I didn’t get called in on my day off, so in a way thanks Michaela for not ringing!

Edith and I are frustrated that we haven’t had the dosh from Tu Was and can’t start but are busily following more leads for work, and this time next week we are having visitors from the UK who actually like walking, so Berg Auf!

The most important thing is that tomorrow I have to work alone with Erna, and just the two of us for the whole Burg, and I don’t mind! What a change from the past weeks.


What a day of moaning about Michaela, because her text message didn’t get to Helmuth.  She’s really going to get grief when she returns.  Erna was livid but we settled down  and worked the day through.  It was exhausting, but we cleaned all the Burg and the shower rooms, properly.  We even chatted a bit and had my hoover conversation again. The next two days I was on my own and did two half days, juts doing the loos.  I was even allowed breakfast in the kitchen as they’d forgotten to lay up for me.  It rained last night and with the  camping festival, the women’s loos were appalling – there was even a tampon left in a soap tray which I picked up before I realised what it was, I thought it a bar of soap in the dim light -uuuuuuurrgggghhhhh!

I don’t know whether I’ve stuck up for  Michaela enough, I’ve repeated she had sent a text  several times. Helmuth did know on time to organise some extra help but didn’t communicate it, but she shouldn’t have relied on the text.  Its been nice having people talking to me, but have I failed my friend?


 Poor Michaela looks really ill still and she has lost so much weight.  Helmuth was ok to her, it just remains to be seen what Erna says tomorrow.  Michaela has said she’ll walk if she pitches into her.  I hope it’s all forgotten and we can get on and work. The day went well, Erna seems to have at last learnt to point out our failings in a polite manner, although I’m sure she thinks its me who makes all the bog ups.  I got into one of my self pitying moods when sent to clean the bogs while they scrubbed floors (apparently, Erna thinks I don’t do it wet enough!?). Then there was laundry line strung across in the showers and I had to fetch Helmut, then the daft kids put the washing line across the stairs just where a kid could garrot themselves.  Got quite grumpy but could identify it and laugh at myself!  Now I have two days off, then one day work, then a visit from England, and loads of wandering in the BERGS!


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