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Luxury bee house -museum again!

Today was the first day at the Burg I could actually relax and get on with things, feel part of a team and want to distance myself from the others by being a gofer.  Michaela had a long chat with Helmuth at the weekend, and told him about all the stress we’re getting, from all the directions.  She said that one more thing and she and I will down tools and walk out – Helmuth’s response was please, please don’t. Nevertheless, we’ve stated our case.  Will will be more under his direction and much more separate from the kitchen ladies – they’re being stopped having so many breaks in the Naschkammer!   Erna was back from her break in Ireland, and for the first time she actually made eye contact with me several times, and listened to me!  I’d prayed on Friday that if it was for me to speak to Helmuth and the Boss lady that an opportunity would occur, it didn’t and I left it in God’s hands.  He’s moved people and changed hearts – wow!

The major stress was today that Rosie the head cook has told everyone that aren’t kitchen staff, they can no longer eat or go in there, due to the report from the food police.  But she hasn’t briefed her staff of organised things such as moving the keys and time sheets to the laundry, or even warning them to lay a breakfast table upstairs for us, we were all sat waiting!  Same at lunch, no one had laid up, and we had to do all ourselves, what efficiency!  Michaels’a parting shot, was well, if we get no breakfast we leave half an hour earlier!


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