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Disapointments and FRUSTRATION!

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Good times, sadly passed!

This Blog is slightly out  of order, but I wanted to publish now!  Today was due to be the second lesson for our one and only candidate,  Edith and I were ready for her and she never turned up, nor did her mother respond to my phonecall.  All she had to say it was too expensive, or I can’t come, or something. Now I have to face her at work to our mutual embarrassment. Edith was saying so Lungau, all’s ok till they have to part with the cash!

Yes, I was frustrated and upset by this, but the worst was just being back at the  yard.  Familiar faces and meeting with some dear friends. There was a woman there who had ridden with me and others, and they asked me questions and for help, and it was all so familiar. One pony mad 8 year old, (so shades of me), was hanging around and asking questions and itching to ride again.  I’d seen her earlier have a tantrum and didn’t rise to the bait and give her a ride, but would like to see her ride and find out what the problem is.  Then I saw a girl who I had started to ride, a nervous girl who I think is pushed by  her parents and may actually not want to ride.  She was put on a youngster who naturally reacted to her nerves and I could see she was having trouble controlling him.  All I have taught has been lost with her sitting on the back of the saddle with he hands in a vice-like grip.  After the ride, Lois shouted at her for her nerves, and after feeding her horse decided to roll.  She was terrified so I took the little blighter and turned him out for her, I hope it helped.  I just want to help these kids, teach them to enjoy riding and be safe around horses, all this Icelandic tolting and passing doesn’t interest me.  It produces riders who ride badly with no appreciation for the horse as all they seem to want to do it belt around the place as fast as possible.

I’m sure God has a solution for me. Today we met a great Physcotherapist who was really on the ball, asked me for an example of how we work and really seemed keen – except for the problems of finance as she is partly funded by the government. Edith and I planning some ‘Schnuppertags’ ie trial sessions for people just to try us out, maybe that will help.  The money from Tu Was still hasn’t arrived…….

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English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

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