So where's the snow?

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Mobile schnapps maker? Salzburg Freilicht museum

Ok, I admit this morning I was tired. We three set off for work, and then suddenly Erna took off to check for forgotten bedsheets and she came back, spoke to Michaela and they both went down the stairs, I had to yell at them, Oi, I’m here what do I do? I was there – Oh, you finish here.  Then I thought sod it, I’m just invisible, I’ll ignore the pair of them.  Michaela had hardly spoken in the car except to say the Confirmation was a catastrophe.  I really shouldn’t have expected a reaction about  the cards and pressies I’d sent the kids- me approval seeking again. I like to give confirmation gifts as my own was such a disapointment. Then we stopped for a pause, and Erna suddenly pitched into me had I done the loo – didn’t know I was supposed to do it when I’m being ignored.  So I said quite loudly, you don’t need to be so angry. I stayed silent the rest of the morning, then after lunch, Michaela was obviously annoyed.  Rosie has been moaning to Erna who had moaned at us about the loos not being clean.  Not Helmut, but the cook to Erna.  Michaela had replied we’re always guilty and Erna’s response, well nevertheless……….. I had asked Helmuth for my timetable so he did it and Michaela is now mad cos she has some long shifts – well so do I and some weekends. My payment for the holiday we’re having.  I really feel like quitting. Edith keeps on moving the goalposts with the asyslum seekers, one day its we must wait before we start, now she says we should. I feel adrift and fed up and want out of the whole situation. I couldnt reply evil with good today, I completely failed.  Was it a sulk? No shock and sadness and yes pique in the ignoring, but they stared first – naya!  Thank heavens tomorrow off, and my first customer for therapy, if Edith doesn’t change anything.


2 thoughts on “Unbelievable

  1. ‘Do what you have to do but put no one out of your heart.’ A righteous F off may be just what is is needed.


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