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Blah, blah, blah, Bickering buddies!

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Me, not bickering, at the EAGALA training

Another Friday and more kampfen (figthing) in the cheap seats. What is it about Fridays?  The day started ok with me being ready for a busy day as we had all the trakts in the Burg to clean – and oh, boy were some of the rooms filled with socks, dust and muck. Some had to be scrubbed as the flecks from the crisps and dribbles from sweets and coke had marked the  wooden floors. One of the kitchen ladies had brought a Dyson in today, Oh how I wanted to nick it.

So we worked on, Erna getting in a panic and sending Michaela to see if the other kids had gone and if not hurry them up – it was only 9.30 and we had loads of time.  It would help if the daft bat wore a watch!  All was ok till we discovered that somehow we’d mislaid one of the cleaning cloths – what a disaster. As we climbed up the tower they were bickering as to where it was. I said in English cos I was irritated by them, oh calm down, and in German I’ll go and get another.  Which I did being the good little gopher I can be. We didn’t find it and through the morning I could sense Michaela’s irritation rising.  After  lunch, I casually said to Helmuth, do you need me all day tomorrow (it’s a wedding and most of the guests wont be there till the morning), and he said no, just till 12.  Oh Heavens I thought this’ll set Michaela off as she’s having to come in on Sunday to do the loos cos and extra party is coming in, pretty stupid if you ask me, but I’ only the dumb foreigner.  Then Erna insisted we go and clean the chapel, which Helmuth had said to leave until we know what’s wanted.  I’d said several times to her I’d do it on Saturday morning.  Still she went off, and Michaela was in full rant while she had her fag break.  Some of it was about Erna, some of it was about how I wouldn’t get home until after the ceremony, some on how she’s not working on her own on Tuesday she isn’t coming in again.  I got fed up with the rant and left her to it.  We cleaned the chapel with Michaela’s face like thunder.  Then we split and Erna discovered we’d now lost a floor cloth, she asked Michaela about where the scrubbing brushes too. I answered her and she ignored me. They found the cloth and again I had to say three times I had put them away. I couldn’t resist it, when she said how many I said two and gave her a two fingered salute to show her. Oh what a petty minded, bickering, stupid day. I’m sick of the pair of them. I’m sick of Michaela’s ranting, Erna’s ignoring me.  stupid women. Am I annoyed with her because subconsciously I’m now rejecting her after the lying the other day?  I know I have been muttering in English like stupid cow out of earshot.  That’s not living in peace, or repaying evil with good, oh dear. and maybe I don’t help Michaela by agreeing with her, I really am over my Erna problems at the moment, but oh for two pins I’d be out of there!


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