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Tu was – Jury Decision day

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I put all the tension behind me and nearly enjoyed an Erna day at work (she’s getting better or we are!) and really apart from praying and leaving things in God’s hands to move people to do his will and break down any barriers to our project, I was calm. Then  Helmuth came bounding up and asked how it had gone and the nerves kicked in!  The Burg also had a presentation but had done it in writing because so many were there.

Edith had spent the day listening and networking while the other presentations went on.  She said some were good, others a bit daft, such as using telephone boxes as libraries in the villages…hmmmm.  There was music for old people in care homes, and car sharing, all good stuff.  So we sat and listened as each judge gave a talk on the succesful projects and gave a pair of gardening gloves as a symbol of getting down to work.  I think I sat with a smile on my face – remembering Micheal Caine saying how he does this at awards ceremonies and how you have to keep it going when you lose!   There was lots of clapping and happy faces and photos.  However, there was soon only one judge left and I suddenly had that stomach wrenching moment, what if we didn’t get anything?  How do you face people in the embarrassment?  Only 50% were going to get cash, although everyone would get a letter offering some sort of support.  It was more a fear of the moment rather than a failure of the whole idea that was gripping me. The Professor from our church got funding for his part time minister for the local orthodox christians which is brilliant. Then at last, we were named me being an incomer and how we are going to help people, and the photo with the gloves -PHEW AND YAY!!!!!!!!

Edith enthusiastically wanted to start work the following Tuesday so great was our excitement, but we  were caught up in people congratulating us, and wanting to talk to us.  I chatted some more to the ladies, and it was great but I was suddenly so tired, I had to go home.

We need to visit the Asylum seekers again, open a bank account, book the school, but over all GET GOIN!  I praised and thanked God.

The next day, the kitchen ladies all congratulated me, and when Michaela and Erna heard they looked at me with total disbelief especially as the Burg didn’t get through.  One of the ladies wants me to work with her daughter – customer One!


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