So where's the snow?

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May Musings

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Predlitz - fields of buttercups for a change!

Now that the sudden extra snow has gone, everyone’s going around saying ‘the Iceman’s gone’ and a rash of geraniums and Petunias are hitting the balconies.  Dave’s now busy delivering filled window boxes all over the place.  Maybe in the next few weeks his hours will decrease a bit, he’s been working 50 hours a week since the end of March. 

Some of the fields which were filled with dandelions are now actually white with the seed heads.The ox eye daisies which used to grow all along the railway line at New Milton are ow dotting the meadow and invading my flowerbed. I can hear the sound (metaphorically) of Allen scythes being sharpened in workshops  ready for hay.  I’ve even seen some empty cow trucks trundling about, I hope now cows were up on the alms this weekend -bbbrrrrrrr! After a long dry spell, and headlines on the local news of how the hay harvest might be ruined(!), everywhere is fecund and green. Such a radical change in so few weeks.  Love it!

We have several pairs of blackbirds nesting around the garden and in the evenings there liquid song seems to be all around us.  It takes me back to the childhood  home in Winchester where we had the most enormous flowering cherry in the garden-  it must be well over a hundred years old now.  It’s still there as I’ve seen in an Estate agents brochure.  One evening there had been a sudden shower and I’d been indoors watching a programme on the Appleby horse-fair.  My head was filled of dreams of  piebald ponies as I looked out into the yellow sunlight was filtering through the rain making it glint like gold. The tree was laden with blooms, and somewhere a blackbird sang.   One of the moments of childhood that is filled with holy, spiritual beauty that the soul never forgets.  It probably is the root of why I have to have a cherry tree in my garden even now!

I think along with the spring, I’m getting fitter and dealing with the tiredness at last.  The need for the afternoon sleep is decreasing but some days do kancker me!  Each time I think I’m on an easy bog duty day, there’s loads to do! Maybe its the peace of mind I’m finally achieving over Erna.  I think a little caffeine is helping in the mornings too.  Now whether its menopause or I’m listening to my music but I’ve really got to watch my absent-minded ness, Saturday I left the cleaning fluid in the showers and yesterday put a key into the bin, needing an hour before I found it!!!!!!

Edith has done a brochure for Tu was, and next Monday we go to the Jagglerhof  ( A restaurant by the farm across the river) to do a ten minute presentation.  Next evening we’ll hear if we get the cash.  I was angry when I aw the brochure, for various reasons, but unnaturally so – displaced anger from Erna?   I prayed and I hope I wasn’t as horrible as I thought I was!

Paggy is so much better.  We had our garden inspected by him , and passed!  Its the first time he’s got so far from his flat for ages!


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