So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria, God and life, teaching and gardening plus the occasional cow



Lungau Penguin, yes really, it was stuffed in the Museum so it must be true!

 Last Sunday we trotted off to church and could see the snow had fallen on the tops of the hill. On the radio, Obertauern was calling for snow chains  and I was getting lectured about having put my big geranium out too soon in the garden. A late burst of cold and snow is not unusual.  The Pastor from over the mountain was there, and we had a sheep theme to the service, with a song about wandering sheep that Jesus looks after and similar Psalms.  As we prayed I could see myself as a sort of manic  Shaun the sheep, going around in angry circles, ignoring signs and getting off the path.  Help, Jesus, come and shepherd me back to the fold I prayed, imaging a swift gentle replacement in the field.  The answer was, just what do you think I’m already doing????  In my dim way, I’d  always imagined  a comfortable way back, never seeing shepherding as  being taught things, shown things, making changes in thinking, sometimes difficult things.    Now I’m begining to get it!

Prayers are so often answered.  I’d been thinking of how I wanted a break from German, and Sunday became one as we went to the local museum with Miles, had lunch, looked at St Leonhard’s’ church in its scaffolding, and had a cup of tea at home, all the time nattering in English. No misunderstanding, no struggling for words, wonderful!

That evening Dave and I had a chat like we haven’t hd for ages – Joyce’s Meyer’s teachings have reached him too!  He’s aware of the wall too.  Having achieved all that we’d looked to do when first married/younger.  What is there left to do?  A sense of futility.  Is this common to our age group?  He is convinced we couldn’t afford to gp back to the UK even if we wanted.  I won’t countenance that, if that felt true I would be fighting to leave.  I need to feel the option is open.  I would like to find a way to run a business together from home.  So we could be our own bosses, take time off when we want and still earn a living.  but how to do it?  I dream of taking over Lois’s – together it wouldn’t matter if we worked weekends, we’d be off together during the week.  Or a small B and B.  I need more people, I want to meet and bring God’s love to them. I know God says we should do with what we have already, so we could use our room as an overnight room, but it’s not en suite, but it would be a start.   I hear Dave’s  voice going on and on about winning the lottery. I wish he  wouldn’t this creates unbelief in God to work in other ways to help us.  Still God is up to something, maybe something great is around the corner!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Baaaaaaaa!

  1. Maybe what God is up to is what is happening?


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