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Fifth week at the Burg

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View from the swing seat!

There was the most almighty party at the Burg this weekend.  A group of Germans had a theme party set in the 1920s and were all in costume. They proceeded to drink and carouse the entire weekend. 

The Boss  from Salzburg was there at breakfast time, and Helmuth was telling him about the visit from the kitchen police. Because the Burg has groups of children visiting, it is now in a different category from a Guest house.  Hence in a years time, we will not be allowed to eat in the kitchen, and the big table must go.  I said maybe it should be put under heritage status so they couldn’t move it. Everyone has to change their footwear when they go in, so how are they going to get the wood in for the cooker, which has to be brought in on a wheelbarrow?  Its seems political correctness and jobs worth nor thinking  is in Austria too!

PS. Helmuth’s had the report, they have until the 15th June to change everything!  Can’t see the cooks carrying the wood somehow!

Some one had a black feather boa for the party on Friday and there were several worn on the Saturday night.  Result; the entire week spent finding feathers around the Burg and having to clean the bar at least three times.  My suggestion that actually we needed to get the one and only hoover and suck up the feathers was ignored.  Erna couldn’t see her manic sweeping was spreading them, and when the floor dried after her mopping, there were still bits everywhere. The place was such a wreck that it had Erna off on a hysterical trip on Monday too. Ranting at Helmut that we should be going in cleaning the loos on Sunday morning, ignoring the fact that  most people were sleeping the overhang off and then going home.  I’m not going in to clean bogs on a Sunday, she can do it!

It didn’t help that last Friday, she really upset Michaela.  She told Erna several times that she didn’t like brown skinned bananas , as we  were eating some.  To which Erna replied, well it’s not surprising that your children have turned out so difficult!   She hasn’t even met the twins, I have and they’re two intelligent, cheeky, normal kids.  What a thing to say.  The result was that on Monday, a deeply upset Michaela refused to speak to Erna unless necessary, leading to Erna having a go at her about stupid things, like not doing a cupboard, which Michaela had simply just not got to do.  Erna was totally manic, we went for a coffee (me) fag (Michaela) break after lunch and before we were finished, Erna leapt  to her feet and stayed there until I’d hurriedly gulped it down.  She then rushed through cleaning to be finished by 2, ending in us sitting in the shower room on the bench because we were too quick.  Michaela is going to talk to Helmuth, after all if we finish late, we’re late, the other departments are always doing extra hours. If Erna wants to be obsessed with finishing at a certain time, she can!

I felt stuck in the middle as so many times in my life, yet I was completely at peace if not tired.  It probably would be different if I was at the receiving end.  I tried to repay evil with good, and be at peace with all, am I finally learning?  I’m very aware I shouldnt have indulged in the Erna bashing, but did try to say to Michaela, are you sure, is that right ? and to try to keep a perspective…… I’ve had a lovely quiet day off today, planting the toms and Cucs in the green house. tomorrow is another Erna day, I hope Michaela has spoken to Helmuth.  Then next week will be really difficult.  I’m working six days through, with three Erna  days plus the Jury and decision about ‘Tu Was’ and if we get the money to work with the Asylum seekers.  I’ll be like Helmuth the other day, falling asleep in the Nashkammer….


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