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Muddling through in Austria, God and life, teaching and gardening plus the occasional cow

A pause from the Burg

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One of my favourites views in the garden

My first day off and to myself since I started work and I’ve been completely bone idle.  Well, I’ve paid bills and weeded in the garden, but the whole day has been really quiet and restful. Then again, by the middle of the day, theres been a sense of boredom and loneliness I’d forgotten about that dogged me all winter.  Just what do I want?  After all, as God pointed out, I chose to come here and can choose to study more German so I understand more. Am I just lazy?  I’ve got so much more that I could do but don’t see just what!  I need to get my emotions and feelings under control I know (thanks Joyce) and stop my unbelief that my future with horses is over.  I’m so shallow too, all I read is chick lit, not interested in current affairs, just the beauty of the world around me.  And I think that I’m better than Dave!

God is great.  having written earlier this morning, and actually tried to carry it thru a bit, Edith rang me. We have an Asylum seeker girl who is being sponsored with a course of riding lessons,  AND GUESS WHOSE DOING THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m so overjoyed, even just once a week, wow!

We now have our timetable for the rest of the month and the final week in May is going to be a nightmare, with a six day  run through, and Erna three times with a complete Burg clean.  Can we do all four trakts in one day?  I’m on the bog run tomorrow which hopefully wont be too stressful, with my MP3 player and a list of jobs to do, hopefully will be ok.

Edith has had a fall off Avarkur and really hurt her ribs, so we’ve postponed the workshop for the therapy and will wait and see what happens if we get selected by the Jury for Tu Was. I must admit, while my soul longs to get back and work with horses, the thought of coping with both Burg and therapy has me worried.  I’ll never get a free moment.  Maybe a case of cold feet.  My heart just in’t in anything at the moment.  We had a really embarrassing meeting at the Farmer’s Union, with a budget to see if they will fund us, but she asked immediately if we were with Tu Was and I felt she was seeing us as two greedy people trying to fiddle some money.  Then we got into a discussion on whether horses could be used for therapy in a field (yes), and whether a round pen was practical (not unless a big one, the horses need to be able to move away from people). It was almost argumentative, and I just wanted to be out of there.

Then Michaela had me in fits at work, telling me about the trip out she’d had at the weekend with the mother-in law.  A little lady, who can talk for Austria, if you see what I mean.  She was happily repeating ‘F*%k you’ which she’d seen written on a wall until Michaela translated!  Then when they went to visit a friend in alcoholic rehab, she demanded the loo, and disappeared for 20 minutes, then when sitting down for a coffee, asked where the beer was.  It took Michaela a while to get her to understand why not!  Then every time they stopped at a cafe during the day, she complained that it wasnt Stiegl beer ( they were in Carinthia, so it was another sort) and when they got back in the car she was always last in and nearly left behind.  I can’t really do justice to what I was told, Michaela says she’s not going on any more trips with her, it was such hard work, but admitted in hindsight it was funny!


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