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A belated Birthday celebration (Day 6)

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Who shouted 'Mint Sauce'?

It was with real peace and joy I went to work today, no Erna, no stress. Michaela and I had a lot to do, and didn’t complete all we’d have liked to, but it was in perfect peace, with breaks when we wanted. Brill, trouble is Erna’s back on Monday!

We were invited to Erna’s birthday party for workers (though twas in September) in the Nashkammer, so we went.  Oh it wa so dull, and would have been in English.  I did find out that someone had come to collect me for Erna’s birthday last year  but didn’t bother to knock because she couldn’t see any lights!  The conversation ranged from asking how old we all were, to about someone who was disabled and the names of various people.  When they saw I had left all the cream from the cake, I had to explain again about my cholesterol.  They had dry wine with orange juice, then the cake, and as Michaela and I escaped I saw trays of open sandwiches, most odd way to do things.Yawn. I was asked about the Royal wedding and could tell them Stef will br there, and a lot were going to watch. They also asked me to sing in English – no flippin chance but then I thought what abuse I could have sung at you know who……. If it had been a comparable group in English it would still have been boring, and I wouldn’t have joined in. Michaela said she’s had more fun at a funeral.  I wonder why my ears were burning as we left…….


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