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Day Four at the Burg


Burg Murau

Today was an anticlimax.  Michaela seemed to have got over all her sadness when we met for work and wasn’t bothered by Erna, so I left the situation.  The big excitement was that we had no water, the repairs to the water pipe having taken longer than expected.  Such horror at the thought of no coffee or tea at breakfast.  We decided that we would turn the beds, do some dusting and wash windows with the liquid cleaner.  So Erna had to ask Rosie too, despite the decision having been made.  Then when the water did come on Erna repeatedly sent Michaela for hotter water despite her saying it wouldn’t get any hotter for a while.  I was ok, just ignoring the old bat until right at the end of the day when she was re-dusting something I’d already done, insisting it was dusty -it wasn’t what she had seen was old lacking colour wood.  That tipped me. Michaela and I had a character assassination on the way home, the way Erna moans that she’s been at the Burg for twenty years and she’s the only one to do any work – yeah because we never even get a chance to get on with the mopping or the sweeping because she’s always there first.  I wonder what she would do if I said I was doing it today?  I am beginning to be able to live with her a bit, but not the feeling that I am thought to be doing a jib that is lacking or not up to standard.  That hurts. 

I know I’m in the early throes of over tiredness as is usual, and that make me get things out of proportion – it used to be Lois and his tricks.  The praying has been over taken by exhaustion and being eaten up by negative thoughts.  Flippin thyroid, I wish just one person would empathise with me over how I am always more tired than other people, Dave thinks I’m making  it up. I’m so glad that its four days off now.  I really am not going to go over and over all things in my head.  I wont have it ruin my time off.  Tuesday I will see.  I’ve had most of the winter without tiredness, sleeping luxuriantly through the night, but now I can’t get off, and the past two nights have woken early although exhausted.  I could take a pill  but  don’t like how they make me feel the next day.  Hey ho, Easter’s here and Dave may have two whole days off!


2 thoughts on “Day Four at the Burg

  1. Be strong. Try a natural sleeping pill with plant melatonin – zero – side effects. I take ‘Asphalia Nachtrust’. All it is is a grass – Festuca arundinacea. If you can’t find it I could send you a pot.


    • Thanks, I’ll see if I can find it locally, we have a good herbal remedy company in the area. I’d rather restore my normal sleep patterns by being able to deal with stress caused by people. This exacerbates my tiredness. I think its a case of getting negative thoughts and emotions under control rather than let them steal my peace. Without this stress I can deal far better with the tiredness. Things have moved on since this blog, more positively, as I shall tell! I


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