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Day Three at the Burg

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Burg Moosham

This morning I saw Helmuth and it turns out he too has a project by Tu Was so it is ok about me needing time on May 24th for the presentation and to have Thursday off when possible -RESULT! 

The Burg has an old water source, with a tunnel leading into it – how quaint, which fell in recently resulting in there being no hot water after lunch.  Never mind the pipe in the staff loo was still dripping….

The rest of the day went downhill.  I caught Rosie saying something to Erna with that look on her face and I knew something was up.  We were cleaning the Rittersal (Knights Dining room)  and doing the full dusting and scrubbing the floors.  I was sent up to the Gallery to clean, so I did it, and wanted to do it well.  Then Erna started on at Michaela about how dirty the floor was, ‘Schimpfen’ is the German verb for cursing and she went on and on at her. When Michaela went to get some water, I saw the look Erna gave her. I only get about a third of whats she’s saying, poor Michaela gets te full brunt of it.  I kept out of the way, keeping to my policy of not talking to her unless asked.  Then we got it in the neck because she found a mattress cover that was dirty, we had checked them all in the autumn, but I suppose with end of season-ness we’d missed some. More grief, even when we said we had done checking.  I took the offending cover to be washed.  Poor Michaela she has enough problems with her sister-in-law and her twins up coming Confirmation and now this.  So how to deal with it. I can’t work under such anger.  She is obviously convinced we can’t clean for tuppence, are lazy and she is the only person to keep us in order.After our bad start last year, we had worked so hard to raise standards, but the Burg is old, full of dark wood floors and badly needs a coat of paint, it is shabby and nothing short of cleaning it with a toothbrush would make any difference.  We’ve washed every wall that clad in wood, every cupboard has been cleaned, under the bed springs, floors soaked and scrubbed and in the  corridors too, I can’t see that more could be done.  In fact although I don’t remember everything (!), I don’t think we did so much wood washing last year.  I can see Erna and Rosie worrying that with such bad cleaners (Rosie is the head cook, she actually has nothing to do with us), that the Burg’s reputation will  be ruined.  If there’s a problem, then it should be Helmuth who deals with us and he’s said he will sit and discuss things with us.  Not like these ignorant, poorly educated  women.  Not very Christian of me.  So how to deal with this.  I have my plan and must assert myself – which I find difficult in the face of hostility.   Ok, this is the plan.  I will say tomorrow to Erna (I have this in my head in German, translating may lose something) and said in a friendly fashion;

Erna, yesterday, you were complaining at us all the time.  Please could we have a better day today.  We are a team and should be working together. If there I a problem can’t we speak about it pleasantly and sort things out?

I hope this will wrong foot her enough to make some sort of breakthrough. Or I could just say, stop being such a cow and criticisng us all the time, you’re not perfect.  Just double check how much dirt there’s still on the Rittersaal floor because your method means a lot just gets washed around and not moved. If you can’t be civil  then you can clean the whole bloody castle yourself, Goodbye!


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