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Up on the mountains at Schonfeld

The Burg work finishes on the 20th, and while I’ll be saying that I’ll go back next year, I really feel unsettled about my work future.  Part of me would love to go back to teaching riding, but the situation with Lois is impossible.  He’s using the Ackerman’s Rodi behind their backs, because most of his school horses are sold and he only has four left he can use.  He just will not stop, or maybe he can’t.  I always thought he was at least honest, but the lies and deceit at the moment are more than I can bear. The last time I went there he got totally sour because I was giving Gina some tips on riding the Ackerman’s youngster.  Edith and I were going to start one afternoon a week offering therapy and lessons but this wont happen because she has fallen and badly damaged her good knee. She will be crocked at least until Christmas.   Maybe in the spring. Or maybe I need to walk away.

We are planning to go back to England for Christmas, because I wont do this without at least one of the kids. I’d hoped that maybe someone at our home church would have a house sit, but there’s been no response. In my bitterest moments, I think we’d have had a lot more support from them if we’d asked for money, they’d have breathed down our necks.  All we wanted was a support/contact person, a sort of buddy and that never happened.  Maybe its time to sever our links, its time to put our eggs in this basket.  I’d always had the church in my mind as our last, most important link to the UK. Then again, we’ve had a long time of waiting for anything to happen here, and there was nothing to tell them but now at last things are afoot. Or maybe we  should make more effort.

We met here last week, Linda, Dave, me and Heidi (The Madling four) and she’s more or less given up on the present congregation, regarding Church planting.  She feels we should try something new, and so we’re planning an event in Tamsweg next year.  We’re thinking of a theme that may appeal to churched and unchurched, maybe we’ll get someone to speak and then with new faces we could do an Alpha course or something similar.  We’ll be doing this with the catholic church too, there is such a strong hold on the local community here it would be disastrous not to do so. Maybe we be should jumping up and down with excitement!

Heidi met recently with an English family who have moved here after being in a very Evangelical church in the states,and they’ve come here to make amends with his family, but they have no German and are very isolated.  I spoke to her once and my alarms bells went off, trouble.  I hope I’m wrong, but every time I think I should ring, something says no. Or maybe  I’m being lazy?

Dave came back from his German teacher who suggested I do her  German speaking course for slightly more advanced people.  I really don’t want to do it, I’m getting worse and worse about going out in the evenings when I have to work the next day, it just tires me out.  I’ve already missed the first one. I had plans for doing some stuff myself this winter.  Or maybe I am just being arrogant?

I’ve been toying with writing an autobigraphy. I’ve kept a diary of sorts since 1974, and have been reading that year.  A journey into my 14 year old self.  Would it be useful to someone else who came from a disfunctional family? Would it be even remotely interesting to anyone but me? Maybe I’m just too filled up with my sense of self importance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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