So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria, God and life, teaching and gardening plus the occasional cow

Quiet times – or langweilig blog!

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Somethings up at the Burg, there’s rumours that the Chef has been sacked and people are losing jobs, but nothing said directly to us!  This month has been peaceful – no Erna.  Michela and I laughing our way through the dust! After one wedding we even found a 10 euro tip for us and in another room a cake – which we guzzelled!

Yesterday as we sat at breakfast in the lovely kitchen, I had an overwhelming sense of the hours of the day stretching ahead of me – almost like a set of stairs.  and wanting to be at the end of them but at the same time in no hurry to get there!  We’ve been blessed with a few days of autumnal sunshine and I’ve weeded and sorted my flowerbed ready for next year and we’re just waiting to harvest the carrots, swedes and parsnips.  We’re meeting with Heidi and Linda on Tuesday to discuss the house church idea.  I’ve been pondering and asking God what he wants, and imagining what will take place, I think as long as its based on love and Jesus. we’ll get something done!  There’s an Austro/English family moved to a place about 40 km from here and I had a quick chat with Gemma the other day, when Heidi needed some translating.  They’ve been in a very Evangelical church in the states, boy is the Lungau a bit different.  Poor woman, seems to be stuck in a village with no car and little German to make contact people.  It seems strange to talk to someone who isn’t here because they love Austria and wants to be here.  I hope to meet her next week.

Paggy?  I know I have to forgive him.  But I’m still annoyed about the sexual innuendo, and am ignoring him. Not the Christian way I know.  I have to go there and talk sensibly, not angrily to him soon.  I was so aware of my anger when he started moaning about his jam going mouldy the other day- he’d left it in the kitchen in the sun – but what did he expect?


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