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After the meeting….


A really nice, traditional Austrian restaurant/pub, Seetal, Lungau

We finally got to the ‘Making a new House Church‘ meeting a bit late, but Dave came although he grumbled!  I was so glad here was there and we shared it! There was a lot of talk we just didn’t understand, but some points we did.  The pastor said we should self appraise  on our work with God and where we stand with him. About keeping a sharp focus, being willing to fail, to look at this as an opportunity, to delegate but not to such extent you get lazy or think only you can do something.   He looked a lot also at how a church is structured, the service being the key point, with learning and discipling, serving and mission and so on.  He talked also about the use of technology as in live streaming a service on the net.  I felt he had it all the wrong way round, I was expecting to hear more on what do you think , whats your vision for the Lungau? The meeting went on for three hours and I was fidgeting not only because  we had a barbecue to go to but it was just dragging out with moaning.  It soon became clear who will talk and talk and complain about the time and energy it takes, and no one has asked her to do anything yet!  She asked him to come and speak, something that could have been done on the phone anytime.  Worries about the cost and finding a building – have we got that far yet?   There was the legitimate point about how the Lungau is so widely spread that its difficult to get people to attend, even when they’re offered a lift in the parish car.  All   I could hear was complaining and nothing positive about the excitement of doing something for Christ, just negative, negative.  So why were they there, I just can’t imagine. I said so to Heidi who seems to do a lot of the work in Murau, the mother church, she said she was excited, so maybe that makes three of us.  I think technology will be a way forward and getting this minister from Radstadt to visit.  Still I came away cynical and wanting to be excited but couldn’t.

Then on Sunday we caught a Ministers conference at Hillsong in Australia with the  guy saying SOOOO many of the things which had been said on Saturday that Dave and I were gobsmacked.  A real God-incidence, and a confirmation we’re on the right track – it was a live performance so the Pastor would not have seen it and used it. I rang Heidi who was gobsmacked too.  So now time to pray and talk to God for what the next step in the autumn is!


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