So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria, God and life, teaching and gardening plus the occasional cow

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Spoke too soon!


Getting frustrated, PC is being rebuilt in shop, right from scratch, but at least they’re doing it for free as its the third time I’ve been in! Maybe next weekend I’ll be able to catch up!!! No fun writing s post on a Kindle fire! See you soon!

Swingle is fed up too as she’s on a diet…….

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Followers, comments, computers

IMG_2981 (2)

I’ve been having major PC problems for the past few weeks, when its worked for a couple of days, I’ve done a bit of blogging, then its gone back to crashing. I hope the peeps at Microsoft have sorted it!

I’ve had loads of new followers and some great comments that I need now to catch up on, I’ve been able to read them on the Kindle fire and answer a few, but trying to do stuff on the tiny little thing is frustrating to say the least!

So thank you followers and commentors, I will be catching up with you soon, dropping by, and getting back to blogging!

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Chilly Cherry on top

P1310959 (2)

<a href=””>Cherry On Top</a>


Spot the dog!


She’s there somewhere! I can just see her tail….




FB click on the link for the full post!

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WPC check the details……….



Look closely at the details……


Crash landing!!!!!

<a href=””>Details</a&gt;


Fire lilies

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A touch of autumn in summer

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