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A Letter to the Older Generation


I think this is a wonderful timely reminder to folks who are Grandparents or in that zone. Think back to yours and the things they said. The generations don’t need to be out of touch.

Originally posted on Thoughts from a Christian Cowgirl:

Dear Older Generation,

When you were a kid, what did your grandparents talk about? Was it the good old time that they had when they were kids? Or did they hang out with you and try to help your generation? I’m not talking about homework or sewing or cooking. Business-casual-for-older-generation-men-01

I’m talking about the serious stuff.

I would really be surprised if you said the latter. Maybe you were lucky to get someone like that or maybe your generation had a better older generation, I don’t know. But most kids today don’t have that luxury.

It seems like the phrase we hear the most is ‘When I was a kid…’ and then yada yada yada. It comes up everywhere. ‘When I was a kid, we had to walk to school. You guys now are so lazy (spoiled, have it easy; take your pick).’ Or ‘When I was a kid, we didn’t

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Kibble or dried dog food


I’ve long wondered about the rightness of this as a dog food. Several dogs I’ve known on it have profound gas problems, and our Swingle won’t eat it unless starving. In an attempt to encourage her, I soaked some and was astonished that it nearly doubled in size. Everyone says its ok, the dog just drinks extra water. I’m not sure that its fair to feed something that expands so much on contact! Of course, I used to feed dried sugar beet to my horse, which had to be soaked and that could get up to four times bigger.  I even found an exploded mouse that had tried it dried! All horse owners worry about colic where dried food gets washed into the wrong part of the stomach if the horse drinks too soon after eating.  And dogs are differently built. But even so, is this all just a convenience, has anyone ever looked at the long term effect of this food on kidneys/overall digestion?   Aren’t dogs Carnivores??

Any comments???

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Swingle swings along



We’ve now had the monster for nine weeks and it seems like forever!  We thinks she’s bigger, and her feet seem to match her body more!  We had to put ANOTHER fence around the veggie plot to stop her digging craters, but I expect it’ll come down next year.


She’s had a lot of digestive problems, maybe I fed her too much at the wrong time, but she seems to react to anything that isn’t her ‘Hundflocken’, a mixture of cereals, meat and vegetables and a little tinned food, with the runs. It has helped that I now feed her in the morning. Some of her trouble was that she wouldn’t ask to go out at night, or I slept through it(!) and the sight of newspaper on the floor made her feel she had already done wrong. I don’t know, but she now is allowed in the bedroom.


She sometimes comes with us, sometimes she launches herself between us in the dark hours, I’m beginning to sleep though it. She seems more contented.

She has discovered her swimming genes and seems to have a dunk everyday, even in cold melt water. I get terrified that she will be washed away(and she nearly was once) but she swims to the bank.


Car training progresses, she actually opted to sit in the car the other day because she didn’t like the lawn mower!  We’ve done half hour journeys and no icking, so there’s hope to get her to England yet! We bought a dog guard for the back seats to stop her being jet propelled if we stop suddenly, it worked  when we stopped as she fell down the gap behind the seats!


While its ok for short journeys  and when she’s sat down, it needs to be higher for when we stop. The net we looked at needed bolting on and that wasn’t practical, so we’re going to raise the guard.


She can be manic in the mornings, she will happily swipe clothes from the bedroom and run away, we thought she would have a lot fun on a nudist beach!!  She can mouth gently, but does sometimes need to be told not to bite and nip!

After her destroying the bought toy (see photo challenge) , I got a couple at a flea market and the bunny has lasted three days despite comprehensive disemboweling – but it was a bit disconcerting when I was clearing her garden mess and there was an eye in it- note to self to remove them as well as whiskers before hand!


Puppy school is getting better as she is more used to the muzzle and she loves playing with the other dogs, it’s the owner who is struggling with the German commands!


She’s settling but still being a pup, our next goal  is to find a way to stop her barking at all and sundry!


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