So where's the snow?

Muddling through life from Austria to Wales; God, life and a small black dog

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Never cast a clout till May is out!

No idea what this saying means! For some daft reason I thought this referred to blackthorn, but it’s hawthorn. This year the trees are amazing. Such a beautiful tree even if the scent can smell a bit fishy


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God’s work, not ours!

God seems to have his hand on things in our church and it’s wonderful! We’ve had three Christian families arrive, new to the area with little ones= Sunday school up and running. I’m usually with the smaller ones, who seem to migrate between playing and wanting to do the activities.

The only sadness is that now, Sarah and I don’t get to be in the service for more than a few minutes. We need to get our spiritual filling in the two songs at the beginning. But considering how many years I’ve spent like a sponge, learning and enjoying, I must have plenty in reserve.

We had a Sunday lunch for the Coronation and now I remember just what hard work it is serving and rushing around. I’m blessed that I don’t have to work on Mondays and with a Bank holiday the next day, Sarah and Paul had a little break. I ended up with all the tablecloths to launder and I get the feeling they’ll be in the bag on top of my wardrobe waiting to be ironed until the next event. I’m now buying the flowers for the altar table , as my Mother would say, Constance Spry, eat your heart out,as I plonk them in the vase!

Kids club -we had 23 last night! All different ages, but with the weather being good, they had games outside. We tried taking them up to the chapel to have the talk,  but there was so much spilling of drinks, that probably wasn’t a good idea!

I’ve just missed meeting the ladies quilting group and I’ll see them and the railway club that meets next week. I’m being a very good secretary, even if I did accidentally on purpose forget to do the Baptist Church zoom meeting on Safeguarding… I just wish Dave would stop calling me Mrs McCarthy after the church secretary in the Father Brown series, and asking me if I’m making any award winning scones!

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So much is happening!

It’s now the beginning of May and my world is changing. We had our first Deacon’s meeting, which went really well, it didn’t take too long and we settled some issues. We had two of the old Deacons there, and they were a great help, I expect they’ll get a real thank you in church soon.

Then I had to write the minutes and that was a whole new thing to do, I’m just sending them out, so I’ll see what the feedback is.


We’ve had one new family, with three children arrive, so we now have Sunday school. Another lady with her small daughter, and her parents, and we had an amazing time of testimony in the service. Well, I only heard so much as I was doing Sunday school. Friday club had FIFTEEN kids last week.

Old carnal mine was moaning away on Sunday morning about missing my spiritual tank filling with being downstairs, but each time we take the kids down, I’m filled with a joy that comes only from Holy Spirit. Each time I’m in church, I’m rocking!

This is what the Lord has brought me here for. I can see the parallels with our lives here and in Austria, maybe it was a preparation for this, or a shadowing of the future, but this time I can do it full gas, throttle open, totally committed. In my own language. At home.

Right, off now to fix the photocopier!

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This Easter has been a busy one, but at least the sun shone for the walk of witness through Mountain Ash. We had communion at the service afterwards and just before I had a poke in my back. ‘Marion says will you serve Communion as Chris isn’t here!’ I leapt out of my skin, but it was too late as Paul was already serving.

Afterwards, the muddle was sorted, but we had a big discussion about Easter Sunday,and how the new regime would like to change things. No longer very diluted blackcurrant cordial and odd bits of bread, but wine, grape juice and maybe some real unleavened bread. But things would stay as they were for present, after all none of the old deacons have actually left yet, nor have the new ones been inducted or even prayed in.

So, I was trying not to be nervous during the service, but it did make it difficult to concentrate, especially during the sermon as I was working the church in my head to see what way round I should go. Paul was great and called me to the front, after praying gave me the bread bowl and I took it round, trying to be reverent and slow. Many people made eye contact and said thank you, only a couple said Amen. Same again with the metal carrier of the little cups. Each time then took it from me and gave to me before taking himself. It was beautiful and simple and many of the old ladies said I did it well, I hope they weren’t just being kind!

It was only afterwards, I realised, what a privilege, honour and joy it had been to serve. That made up for being distracted from the so important Easter service.

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The new role

I met with Jane our outgoing secretary a few days ago and we went through all the paperwork. It’s all fairly self explanatory and I think I should be able to get my head around it all. The new will meet the old later in the month and hand over officially.

What I can’t understand is why the church doesn’t have online banking and is still paying most things with cheques. She did say that they had tried for it but had been turned down. I’ll need to chat to the new treasurer and see what can be done. Maybe we’ll be able to open a new bank account if there aren’t too many direct debits, these can be a nightmare to change.

And the spiritual side of all this? Not there at present, this is like in Acts where Godly men were set aside to run the practical things to free up the preachers. I guess the spiritual aspect will grow over the next year as we seek what God wants us to do here.

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I must admit, once the forms were handed it, I forgot about the whole issue of being a deacon until a few days before the church vote, and knowing our small fellowship, I didn’t really see there would be a problem.

I’ve even got on with finishing my next book so that clears the decks! We had a normal service then had the AGM in the chapel as downstairs was really cold as the heating was on the blink again – I hope that will be fixed before I start!

The vote was as expected, there are now two new Deacons, myself and the pastor’s wife. There has to be a meeting between the old and new and things handed over, then we’re off.

And the spiritual aspect? As we finished, I was sitting, thanking God and pondering when I felt that mild tingle in my hands that rushed up my arms, and I knew Holy Spirit was with me in a blessing such as I haven’t received for a long time. For the past few days I’ve been saying to myself, I’m a Deacon, I’m a Deacon!

I was attacked in the next couple of days, problems with the dog and toothache, but I know that’s because I’m on track.