So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

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Yup, next month I reach this milestone! We’ve got a wonderful weekend planned with kids and family, and a glorious party too.

Can’t believe I’ll be officially a wrinkly. I can collect an Austrian pension but not a UK one until I’m 66.

What daft thing should I do to really celebrate? Send me your ideas!



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Sun ring and stress

Another walk at St.Andre today and I got this ring around the sun. Feeling exhausted, what a week! Three hours snow shoveling, driving to guest houses to visit customers in a blizzard; scrubbing the bathroom getting the place ready for sale, cleaning holiday houses, trip to charity shop with junk; on top of dog walking twice a day, my cleaning job, doing the business accounts, six day week. Sofa afternoon and early night…

Snow dog and sun ring!

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Effective Prayer

As those of you who follow me know, I’m a Christian and a huge fan of Andrew Wommack. We’ve been following a teaching called, ‘You’ve already got it’. This shows how God has already provided all that we need supernaturally; we just need to reach with faith into the supernatural realm for this. He uses people, God doesn’t manufacture money!

So, we began praying by thanking him for his provision, that we reached into the supernatural to make his provision manifest into the natural. We prayed for those who will buy our flat to be enabled, and their funds to be freed up. We began telling people then one afternoon as we were starting to pack up books, and the house was a mess,we had a phone call from a friend, whose agency we bought this flat through. Friend of a friend was interested, could they come round? We hadn’t even put it on the market.

She seemed interested. Then Pete came back and told us what we could realistically get for the flat and that as we are friends, he would cut us a deal.Okay. There would be an issue due to Brexit and it’s a residential property. We let it go and thanked God!

Today, he called and asked us if he should go on, he would get the price we settled on, so we said yes, although we said that we weren’t accepting an offer (this is legally binding in Austria). So it’s now in God’s hands to sort the funds and dates, we are at peace and bowled over at the same time.

We’ve been looking at sales sites and realized we will have to move north. We found that around Durham, we could buy a house for under £40,000, which is what we paid for this. I saw a two bedroom house with a cherry tree – I’ve always had one in my garden. And we’ve been googling and checking it out.

Then when asking what we do, Rotherham came into my head and bounced around all day. We looked, but we saw prices are higher. It’s a huge city with many problems. So I’ve asked God to send us a clarification that’s not in my head alone, and if he changes our hearts, we will go willingly and with joy.

We have to decide when we go, we’ll both have to work, hopefully we will get some of the summer before we go. Watch this space!

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Time to go home

Dave and I returned from the UK after Christmas in a very unsettled state of mind, and being married for so long didn’t really discuss it for a while. Then it all came tumbling out. He’s now dreading the winters and I’m still homesick for the family. He wants to see more of his brothers.

So the flat is going on the market, got a lot of sorting out after 13 years! Then hopefully by the autumn we can go back and househunt for something VERY cheap! I guess the blog this year will chronicle our return!

And be home.

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Sun dogs?

Do you think I have accidentally caught this rare phenomenon?

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Christmas over

How was your Christmas this year? We had the most wonderful time with family. Catching up and making new friends.

Now as the new year gets going, life is piling in again. Two books planned for this year, three short stories in note form and at last someone to translate my books into German. Holiday house cleaning season. More English students and my 60th birthday party to plan. I’m feeling snowed over mentally and physically already!

How’s your new decade showing up?

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December 17th. Like a herald of change, later in the day it actually rained!

I took photos from the kitchen and out with the dog as it faded (the sunrise, not the dog!!) Hope you enjoy the slideshow.

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