So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria, God and life, teaching and gardening plus the occasional cow

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Swingle goes hunting!


She’s always been bouncing into the undergrowth and digging ┬áholes. I thought it was mice she was hunting. She digs furiously then I call her away, and there is always a small hole she has found.



But the other day she got lucky. Pounced, grabbed and caught a Vole! She killed it as it had blood on the nose, but she then chewed and swallowed in before I had a chance to stop her! She licked her lips all the way home and nonchalantly caught a couple of butterflies to top it off!


Hasn’t caught one since though!!!!!!

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A cool June


Near St Margarethen

This June has been at times rather on the cool, cloudy side, and there’s been snow over 2000m.

IMG_1590 (2)

St Margarethen towards St Michael

Poor cows, just been shipped up there and this happens!


Near St Margarethen towards Pichlern

But to me, its a joy, I just love walking in the coolness, and some of the hay fields are still uncut, so there’s a wealth of flowers.


Cows, St Margarethen – well you knew I’d be snapping them sooner or later!

Along side the Mur is my favourite bit, I suppose it comes from my childhood and happy times in the Winchester water meadows.


Near Mauterndorf Airfield

But I do so itch to get up in them thar hills!


Near Mauterndorf, towards Mariapfarr

but it’s been either raining or we’ve been working. Hey ho, we’ll get there.


By Mauterndorf Airfield, towards Weisspriach


Ambition Achieved???


IMG_1633 (2)I drive Dave nuts, cooing at the animal transporters as they take the cows to the Alms.



They all have their heads over the tops if they can, they know where they’re going -summer holidays! But have I been able to get a photo?


Not in 8 years! But I think I nearly got one in Tamsweg last week. I think I’ll have to ask a farmer next year If I can go by when he’s loading.



What do you think???


Musing on the river Mur


The view from my kitchen window wastes me a lot of time. And now the dog often comes and watches too-although she actually is looking at the bird table for birds and the Squirrel. It was this view that sold the flat to me. I watch the floods and freezing and ponder on things profound!

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Enjoying Life


One thing I can’t put in these posts is the sound. At the moment, the Blackbirds are singing their wonderful, liquid song, its such a wonderful backdrop to life. We missed the song thrushes this year as it snowed in May and they cleared off. The Martins and Swallows are all around me as I walk in the mornings.

Life has a new pace. Maybe because I’m getting a little fitter and a little lighter with the dog walking, I find that I can do so much more in life without being poleaxed with tiredness. Yes, bedtime can be a bit earlier, but I’m usually up by 7, and if I need the car, I take Dave to the Burg, then Swingle and I go walkies. Back here, its clear up whatever chaos she’s made, all the usual, my quiet time, and if I’m lucky a time to write and paint.

I collect Dave then often we’re off to do someone’s garden or play in our own. Meals on Wheels makes the morning short, and I really enjoy the days when I can just stay at home. There’s numerous painting jobs to be done around the house, but Oh dear, its raining!

I should feel guilty about being at home, but I don’t. I have a new friendship which I’m treasuring, and an old one renewed. I have four people to teach English too, all the aforesaid meals duties, though that’s only once a month, a busy time with changeovers on the holiday houses. And you know who and a contract to teach in October, just about the time Dave finishes at the Burg.

Then on top of this, we’ve been studying Power thoughts by Joyce Meyer. It’s transforming us, the biggest lesson being not to take offence, which we do so much with our bickering. My cup is full to overflowing,Thanks Lord!



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After the bug attack this spring, my Elderberries seem to have recovered and the flowers are sensational. There’s something different about them this year,it bodes well for great wine, and no one can pinch them to make Syrup!


Christmas tree rainbows!

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I was feeling lazy and couldn’t face dredging up a rainbow picture for this week’s Photo Challenge of the colours ROYGBIV, then inspiration, where do I bung all the colours together, but on my Christmas trees, so here’s a selection!


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