So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

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Burg Finstergrün sleeps

Shame we couldn’t get inside, bet it’s cold in there!




Snow rolling!

Swingle’s favourite winter hobby, apart from eating anything dead she can find……


A question, dear readers!

As many of you know, I’m working really hard on my writing career. Being an Indie author means I have to do all my own marketing. I have started another blog, but am finding it hard to give both blogs my best attention. I would like to drop the book blog and incorporate it on this one.

I would continue to post about Swingle and life here in Austria as well, but would my adding posts about my books drive you away? I tried so long with this one, I don’t want to lose it. So here’s a poll!


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Mom’s favorite Reads eMagazine

I’ve just joined part the community of book lovers who produces this, do have a look, it’s free!

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Two mates in the car!

Kira is Swingle’s best friend at the moment because poor Bella is unwell. I took these pictures of these buddies waiting in the car, what a pair!

FB click on the link for the slideshow!

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Advent market at Burg Finstergruen

For the second year we have a stand selling here our old library books.

Austria at it’s best. We’re next to a lady selling home made punch!

Our stall has a big tarpaulin roof to protect us from snow avalances from the roof, we keep saying its the castle ghost chucking the snow.

Wonderful music, great people, and when the sun goes down,just amazing!

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Short story GIVEAWAY : Sheep!

A heartwarming story, free from Friday 23rd until Monday 26th. Some of this happened to me when we had a small holding!

Left alone on the farm to cope with a sick baby, what will Jenny do when there is an emergency? Plus an excerpt from The Baize Door, where Joanna sees for the first time how horses interact with us.