So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria, God and life, teaching and gardening plus the occasional cow


Snowily Ephemeral


Taken accidentally while we were walking in the snow, catching our shadows!

IMG_0946 (3)


Wanted to put a frame on these but it wouldn’t work, but maybe this makes the shots more ephemeral!

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Swingle swings on!


Pretending to be an ornament

Since our daughter went home, Swingle has been asserting herself in naughtiness and  happiness, I can’t believe its still only three weeks. She’s done two mountain huts and had lunch there. Been sick in the car several times. Helped in the garden digging holes in the right and wrong place, eaten three pairs of my slippers, chewed through the cables of two lamps, made her self sick demolishing her first basket. Got us convinced she needs to be in the bedroom in the morning. Been with us on our first gardening job. Learnt how to get round us both and keep us in order, impoverished us in buying fixings for a fence to keep her safe in the garden. Dave has been struck with a lurgy so it is still not finished!


Her tummy has now settled with regular food and she’s nearly fine at night(!) She seems to be filling out, her ribs are not so prominent. We had peace until 6 a.m today, but that meant instead of settling for a bit longer after she had been out, it was playtime and trying to annoy us.



This was added to by her latest trick of belting up the lane- relatively car free but nevertheless, some. On Sunday she had discovered something disgusting in Christian’s garden and ran around me bolting it down before I could catch her- she knows I can’t run as fast as her, she’s quicksilver. So this morning she slipped through the fencing by the door and this time found a side of ribs that must have been laying around since barbeque time last summer. This time she blew it-running indoors with it and leaping on the sofa. I put it stright in the bin and gave her a treat. She’s been on the lead every time today, I’m gonna win that one.


What happens when there’s birthday cake around!!!

But you can see the mischievousness there and gaiety, I cant be cross for long! She walks beautifully on the lead, and had an absolute ball when she met Shira- both of them hurtling around the field and rolling in a patch of snow with grins on their faces. Swingle does grin- her lips curl back when she runs, bearing her teeth.


Puppy classes are booked for April, her booster jab next week and seeing about a certain little operation. We have duty with Meals on Wheels this week, so the short time we leave her is good training for the future, today she didn’t panic mess or destroy anything in revenge. Lulling us,  I think she may be forming a cunning plan….Today it rained and we went for a walk with Shira and her owner, much fun was had by all. I’m really looking forward to meeting more dog owners and walks in the mountains this summer.


Oh, at last!


Spring’s arrived in Madling. I can only heave a deep sigh of relief. It’s been an odd, snow poor winter, with illnesses, depression and the only highlight has been Christmas in the UK….oh and you know who arriving!!!!

Life with puppy means that I get to hear the dawn chorus as I let her out. As I walk along the lane, I’m spotting all the new growth and life. The Lungwort, one of my favourite flowers is on its way.


In the last week, I’ve heard the thrush beginning to sing- there was one singing all spring in our garden last year, I hope it’s back. The swallows have arrived  at the brick factory. The dippers are shouting along the river edge. Paggy’s Bullfinches are visiting the table. Chaffinches are singing continually and the Great tits following me as we walk along the lane. I even saw some fieldfares this morning- a group was here last winter feasting on the huge crop of mountain ash berries and stayed for this poorer winter.

IMG_1015 (2)

The first wild crocuses appeared overnight along the lane. Butterflies are feasting on the violets on the south side of the flat The cow parsley is green and vibrant and of course the nettles are coming through.


The Pussy willows are opening their buds, ready to be cut for Easter. This Sunday is Palm Sunday where small bundles of them and colourful bits and pieces  are tied to sticks and blessed in Church, paraded around and then often planted in the garden.


Oh, and soon the snow will be gone, the meadow outside our window will be heavenly scented.

At last.


Fresh Ferkels


Not very old (and therefore fresh)  piglets in Weißpriach, enjoying the sun!


Mum was outside begging for food.


These are domestic pigs crossed with wild boar and belong to the local Guest House, the Diktler Hutte. Nuff said!


So Where’s the Dog?


I promise to all my followers that I will only do a Swingle blog once a week (really) as they haven’t followed a dog blog, and I haven’t the energy to create a new one!!!!

I don’t think I’ve been so tired since I had my babies!  Broken sleep, house chewed at the edges, bottles of disinfectant used and piles of newspapers. Puppy hood.

I don’t think I’ve been so happy for a long time either, the wriggling, quicksilver, black shadow is changing our lives. She has no side to her, no nastiness, she is just pure happiness and naughtiness! Dave is happy cos I’m happy. We have something to talk about and he actually likes and cuddles Swingle. We’re building a new fence to keep her in. Spring is coming. We get the occasional night without her banging on the bedroom door-she has taken over every other room (well maybe not the bathroom)! She’s been chipped, vaccinated, wormed and in due course will have her op. She’s a joy on the lead, has visited her first mountain hut and eaten her first basket!  How could I ever go back to the rut where we were? Thanks Lord for dogs!



Swingle settles in


You can just see the brindle behind her ears

So she woke, still on the farmer clock at 6 am, so I was out in the snow in jamas boots and jackets, but at least she performed. We didn’t find the night incidents until later, but I think most were post waking and I need to keep her out longer first thing -she’s a bright dog and the penny is beginning to drop. She looks at times uncannily like my last dog, but she’ll be bigger, nearer a labrador I thinks when she’s finished. But such a sweet temperament, didn’t growl when I bathed her, loved being rubbed with a towel, in fact I don’t think she can growl, although  she barks like a proper dog!


I had to go out that morning and Dave typically noticed her whining cos I was out but ignored it as he was doing something,  and so she had two accidents in the spare room. Ta ha, he had to clear it up!  So mornings, outside longer first thing and a morning walk!

I took her around the garden and up the lane, I don’t think she was aware she’s on the lead, leaping about, but a nose dog as she followed where the cat had been in the garden!

She is an up jumper, and I think is learning the word down. Loves her ears being stroked and neck rubbed. She has a wind problem, think she has been eating cow-apples, hopefully a few days will get it out of her system. Shes on a dried food, but I hope to wean her onto something better, she’ll have milk and extra meat and two meals a day for the moment. But she had to have a second bath and she still reeks!  She is a nicker of stuff, especially shoes and our clothes, oh, its all coming back to me!

She’s off to the vets tomorrow, jabs-rabies too I think, chip, registration. Hope it wont be too expensive!  We’ve been having a lot of discussions about the car, where she will sit and so on. I’m hoping the vet can give us some travel medicine as we have to go to Salzburg in Sunday to the airport!

I’ve now idea what her breeding is, so she’s now a Lungaumarmothound!

Am I happy  –  daft question!


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