So where's the snow?

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Swingle has fun!

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Bella is with us for her annual holiday, and the dogs are having a ball! Playing, eating, going for walks and more playing in the snow. Such a simple companionship. We’d hoped that it might deflect  Swingle’s nightly pees, but not so. Apparently the medication can take up to a month to work. I must admit I’ve felt really low about the whole thing, but if it doesn’t sort itself, once the weather warms, we can make a dog door for her in the night, and Dave and I have taken turns, so I get some better night sleeps. I have never been good with sleep deprivation especially with two kids who didn’t go through the night until they had finished teething!


Still this week has been a joy, I don’t think I’d want two dogs permanently, but this is just perfect and Dave heaves a sigh of relief when he hears me say it!

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Ice Wonderland #6

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Ok, got so many shots, here’s a slideshow! Facebook click on the link!


Swingle needs help!


We have been having problems with Swingle since the autumn, with her needing to go out and pee in the night. We went to the vets and on his advice, changed her food to the evening and that worked for a while. Then we tried her on dried food. Then I went back to work and the broken nights letting her out  had me completely knackered. I tried doggy help forums.


Then we had the trip to the UK, and on the way, where her water was so restricted,and we were in hotels, she was fine. But in people’s homes she was back up to her old tricks. Embarrassing. On our return, she was fairly ok, then I went on my course. When I got back, Dave had changed her meat and we were back to square one. I even tried restricting her water from about 4 p.m- I know now that’s a big no, no…Dave is still convinced its a learnt behaviour, but if she doesn’t need to go out she doesn’t.


So we finally went back to the vets. He gave her a course of antibiotics and for one night, she came and slept with us, didn’t go out. Then back to 3 a.m jaunts. The vet did a test in her wee. Negative. He reckons she is developing a bladder weakness, although she isn’t leaking! I see it as a over active weakness. Today I got some incontinence medicine for her. It seems such a shame in such a young dog. But she did have her operation early. She’s well, fit and next week, Bella is coming to stay. All this will finally sort it out I hope.


Any ideas?


Ice Wonderland #5

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Ice Wonderland #4

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Ice Wonderland #3

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Ice Wonderland #2

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