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Swingle – a dream


I’ve been longing for a dog for over eight years, and while we have Shira every now and then, its not the same.

The other night I had one of those vivid dreams that lasts beyond first waking. I was out somewhere with the kids and passed a house where this beautiful dog was in the garden. It was a lurcher – a cross between a Deer hound and a Weimaraner, making it this most beautiful gray blue with a soft rather than a wire coat She had grey blue eyes not the usual brown. As she trotted across this garden she had the lovely floating trot of a horse. The owner, who was a man with light grey hair, called her,’Swingle’.

I said to him, ‘Sing something Swingle?’  He smiled and answered,’Hey you with the broken nose, sing something Swingle!’

Then we both chorused together, ‘But I ain’t got a broken nose’

We laughed and agreed we were remembered the Tremeloes. He then said his wife didn’t what the dog and I could take her home, the most beautiful dog I had ever seen. The kids and I left. And I woke up.

What’s your most vivid dream?

Crumbs…while shopping yesterday saw an advert with photo for a litter of puppies going free,  the puppies were that same grey colour, what do I do?


Is your phone on?

My thanks to James Goll for this!

This share really struck home to me. I’ve been whingeing and whining about our future here and why doesn’t he answer our long term prayers!  Of course, Jesus is the word, and the word of God is in the Bible and the word is spirit.

So I decided to take another tack. Rather than sitting at the desk with a notebook or anxiously praying for a revelation, I was going to take the Gospels and read them, and keep reading. Letting the Word and Spirit sink into me, not questioning, not analyzing, almost reading it like a novel. Let it pour into me. And so I have been doing. I have seen things and the Holy Spirit has shown me things which I have had to make note of, but the biggest effect is just the word filling the part of my brain that reads leading it into my spirit.

Any changes or answers yet? No but a re-kindling of a closeness, something coming alive in me again. Doesn’t mean that I’m still not frustrated and angry and a bit desperate about our long term future here, but underlying is the deeper calm.  I’ve to stop clutching at straws, trying to imagine how God will resolve this, I’ve had so many false hopes here and I will not accept them any more. I cannot see how the situation will be resolved, but I’m stopping trying to manipulate.  Just let him fulfill the already answered prayer, and with the authority of the Risen Christ within me, I command change! Watch this space!


Ponderings on the Weekly photo challenge


My top post of 2014 -minimalist storm coming

Its been through the jolly old wpc that my blog has found many followers and I’ve found many of the blogs I love to read. I fully admit that I’m guilty of sitting by my laptop on a Friday evening to see what the subject is and how quickly I can create something. I found quite soon (being very competitive) that the quicker I post, the more likes I get – a form of approval seeking for sure!  I’ve decided that this is daft, and I will only post now if the subject really grabs me and a photo springs to mind.

I had a glean around the site today, 100s of entries and the penny has dropped that now all the new posts are at the top of the page-bravo WP, people are not going to trawl to the bottom are they?

What does annoy me, is when I look at some blogs (after I’ve posted) some peeps have just added a pingback to an already published post OR post some completely random subject, where I guess the link is known only to themselves. Some people seem to set their own challenge using the WPC.

COP OUT I say. Shouldn’t we be all original and artistic?

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The death of a hay hut

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For the past year, I’ve been taking regular walks along the old lane that runs past the back of our flat, photoing the changes, flowers, visitors, all with a blog project in mind. Trouble is, it’s probably too big and I’ll just have to restart this spring and post each time I go along there.

Anyway, there at the corner is an old hay hut, with a ramp to upstairs, used in the past to stuff in the hay harvest. The farmer has retired, the son isn’t going to farm and as hay is now silage, it has fallen into dis-use, except to hold up the sign for the unused footpath. This week, the new tenant who runs his cattle on the fields demolished the shed. Now it will be the Easter fire for the farmer, a very pagan end.

Indicative of the change in farming, it’s a shame. So here is a memorial to one of the many dying hay huts of Austria!


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Faschings Parade

P1290241 (2)

The Austrian version of Mardi Gras, in Ramingstein, which took place on the 14th. Of course it has Pagan roots as do most of the Catholic Traditions, and there’s usually a bear of sorts somewhere!


Lots of the local peeps were there and the sun shone. The fire brigade have built a new ski lift for Karner Alm which is a closed ski resort on the edge of the village.


Even Hansi Hinterseer with his snow boots joined in- never seen him drink so much beer before though!


There’s a plague of owls too.


I wonder if the Trachtenmusikappelle will change its modus with the new leader….


No more parties now until Easter, its Fastenzeit or Lent, and I’ve completely forgotten to give something up or do something new -oops!


A photo


This photo, was so moving that I asked Cee Neuner if I could use it.  It’s of a 90-year-old lady who hadn’t been on a horse for 50 years, so it’s really a happy shot but it makes me feel sad.

So many themes in my life, I’m questioning, wondering about, feeling sad, angry and confused.

My decision to walk away from horses as there was no future here with them for me-is that time really over? If I rode again, would I be a bundle of nerves and have to start all over again?

My own childhood was filled with  seeing the effects of ageing on my Grandmother, her stroke and dementia, the constant battle between her and my mother. Having to decide to hate one and love the other. Seeing my own mother die from what for her was the most humiliating form of cancer. Consequently being unable to handle friends growing old and declining, causing me either to act in anger or walk away.  Being unable to handle my own changes as I get older too.

This picture touched something deep inside, the message of being never being too old. I will have to look at it for a long time until I get what it’s saying to me.


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