So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

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Sun dogs?

Do you think I have accidentally caught this rare phenomenon?

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Christmas over

How was your Christmas this year? We had the most wonderful time with family. Catching up and making new friends.

Now as the new year gets going, life is piling in again. Two books planned for this year, three short stories in note form and at last someone to translate my books into German. Holiday house cleaning season. More English students and my 60th birthday party to plan. I’m feeling snowed over mentally and physically already!

How’s your new decade showing up?

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December 17th. Like a herald of change, later in the day it actually rained!

I took photos from the kitchen and out with the dog as it faded (the sunrise, not the dog!!) Hope you enjoy the slideshow.

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Happy Christmas!

Burg Finstergr√ľn

To all who follow me, your comments and support are greatly treasured. I hope you are all having a blessed day, and I’ll see you in the New Year!

Happy Birthday Jesus!

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Winter Wonderland!

December 15th, St Margarethen, only -3!!!!


Snow Prediction

I always have fun guessing what the season will be like, most times wrong, but after last year’s extremes, I have ideas!

The seasonal early snow and rain in November were EXTREME! So, I’m pluming for a mildly white Christmas day here in Lungau. Then heavy, heavy, heavy snow which will be gone by Easter and we’ll have an early warm spring with no frosts to ruin the fruit.

I can hope!  What about the winter where you are?

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Green Trees

Despite all our storms, we found this tree at the end of November, still with the majority of leaves green. Most odd.

Then, near Einach, is this lovely apple tree, hanging on to its fruit, so it looks like an apple Christmas tree!

Anything unusual in your part of the world?