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I’m allowed to boast!



It’s probably too small to read, but if you click on it, it should get bigger!  It’s my daughter,who ran her first marathon this year encouraging other people to run. This is the girl who thought she had asthma when she couldn’t run around the school sports field when she was about 12!!   And she wont see this as its not going on FB, so I can fully indulge in maternal pride!!!!!!!

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Getting carried away!



I may have mentioned that we’re in the UK this Christmas and its been on my mind all the year around.  I had spoken to our son and wife about if we could stay and that was OK. Then I was thinking about our drive over and started looking at the ferries. The Cherbourg crossing means Swingle will have to stay in the car, so it wont be that route, couldn’t leave her that long! We can go to Dunkirk/Calais for an hours crossing, which isn’t so long to leave her, or the tunnel, which costs about three times as much!!!

Then I got in a discussion with my daughter in law and breezed on about being over during the first week in December. She seemed a bit odd about it, so I sent an email to them both. George replied, um, we were just expecting you for Christmas.

I was devasted, as I realised that I had been so carried away with mz own need to see them and have lost my ability to communicate, I’ve been so wrapped up in my own self. A little part of me also said, well they haven’t bothered to come here for come to see us for two years and they have had lots of holidays…..But I was so at fault, and I so miss them.

So I wrote a very sorry email and had to wait two days till he replied that he had night shifts the first two weeks. Could understand that, so have said could we arrive the weekend before, am waiting for a reply………

PS All was Ok, due there there weekend before Christmas, phew!


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Pinks and Greys #2

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I repeated the walk about a month later in the sunshine, this time, my joys was in the sparkling water and the brighter colours. Which do you prefer?

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Pinks and Greys #1

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Walking  along the river Mur at St Margarethen  at the begining of August, on a dull morning that forboded autumn, I was bowled over with the grey colour of the river, contrasting with the pink of the Baldrian flowers that were starting to go over. Some of the newcomers to the Lungau, the pigeons flapped out of the trees and for a minute I wondered of I was in the UK.


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Two for trouble!


The white stripe makes his bullock’s nose look crooked, but it isn’t!  The other has a heraldic shield!


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Swingle gets surprised!


Was nothing, off I go!