So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

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Weather Cross

These are part of the Lungau culture, out up to bless the fields. All the ones I’ve seen so far have been old and made of wood.

This one is sparkly brand new and we found it near Zankwand.

Can you read all the symbolic symbols that are on it? It’s also a special Easter blessing too.

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He is Risen!

Every year it saddens me as the world moves away from belief and God. Especially this year.

Now is the very time we need unconditional love. healing and hope. There is only one man who gives you this. To prove it, he died and rose from the dead, taking on all of the sin and hurt in the world for you. He brings healing, forgives and an everlasting love. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RABBITS OR CHOCOLATE.

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Fake Spring

After a couple of warmish weeks, winter suddenly returned. On Sunday we had another 10cm.

Now it’s coming on the wind, tearing down the valleys and disappearing. I feel sorry for the birds who had been so full of joy.

Hopefully it will blow away in the next few days. Some of my author friends in the US have had the same, but more so.

I just hope it means it will finish and there will be no late, sudden surprises that nip the buds off the fruit trees and bushes!

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Mini me!

On a recent walk, we saw this traditionally decorated house. Note the ‘Running dog’ pattern, which I think has Roman origins, you see it in mosaics.

Directly opposite on a shed wall was this mini me bird house, in the same decorations if not the layout! Lucky birds.


A new hobby

No, not his one!

One of the results of lockdown and travelling restrictions is we can’t actually get to the UK to view places. But there is a new online hobby for us. House seeking. We got onto the sales websites and gloriously troll through houses in the areas we like.

We did find one we loved recently, but with only twenty years leasehold on it and it being on the small side it’s gone on the reserve list. We’re looking at Wales as it has it all and it’s cheaper than the UK. Off for another look!

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The contract

After a long. long winter, things are moving along on the sales front. We had agreed a price in the autumn and after sorting some things out, the buyers have got the contract organised! They will sign it in Vienna, then send it to us, then back to Vienna. Once it is entered in the ‘Ground Book’, we will be paid, Whoop, whoop!

It’s certainly less complicated than the UK, and there’s no Estate Agent as it’s a private sale. No capital gains as we have been here over ten years as our main residency. Then, Covid permitting, we will pack up, maybe truck all our belongings with us and rent somewhere in the UK till we find our forever home. Or we may hang on until the summer when maybe the vaccination passport gets going for Europe, we have an agreement with the buyers that we can stay until October. Or we may store the furniture and come back later for it. Or if we find we dont like England anymore, we can come back here as we wont give up our residency!

It’s been such a long time, I’m a bit numb. The desperate longing rises now and then, but we’ve sort of switched off over the winter. I can’t face another winter here, all that trucking through the snow with the dig, despite my shoe nails. I want grass and snow drops in February! I want a life with more people in it, family. We’re now starting to pack things up as I’m haunted by the last move when we had to clear out sixteen years of family life.

We’ve been watching the market and it’s sad, but there are suddenly a lot of nearly affordable retirement homes for sale, but we don’t feel ready for that yet. A little terrace house in a small town in Wales would be good, where there are lots of churches to find a new spiritual home, and all that coastline, hills and castles to explore. Our home town of New Milton, being on the south coast and near a National Park is now way beyond our budget, although I would love to return to New Life Church.

We’ve looked at park homes, but you have to pay Ground rent, fees etc plus Council tax and we worry that that they wouldn’t actually be that secure.