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Travel theme:Meeting places


This is more of a one time meeting place, every five years, on the sportsfield in Tamsweg when there is a huge get together for all the marching bands, Tracten frauen, Shooting groups and jolly clubs -the Volkskultur of  Lungau


( I was attacked by a polar bear, sadly he lost his head after I had collected my wits and camera).


But most of all, the entire gang of Samsons in Austria.  Here’s the best -the one from Ramingstein!



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Garden time – pea harvest!


I think this year must be our all time best for peas – we only sowed one packet of sugar snap, but in three rows.


They were beginning to fall over- obviously not having read the packet on how high they should grow!


Nice warm damp summer and result – and we beat the caterpillars again. First we had to strip them from the vines.


Result, one third of the freezer filled with both podded peas and chopped entire peas. Note the laptop for musical accompaniment.


Now just need to not eat them all by the autumn!


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Garden project

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The weather has been too nice ot sit behind a computer and Dave and I having costed and thought about it decided to go ahead with the new Pavillion in the garden . This all started with taking the berberris bush out and its grown and grown. The main problem was getting rid of the stump of the Pine tree that used to stand there.

We’ve got all the geraniums on it, oh, might have room for some more!  A honeysuckle and a rose on the corners, a budlea, the quince bush and a honeysuckle type bush around the sides. It’ll come into its own more next year. We didn’t like the roof which came with it, but will use that for the party.

After seven years, it had at last rotted enough for us to bash through the roots and heave it out to become a garden feature………Our work  now looks great and in the coming weeks we’ll have a barbecue and party as an opening ceremony!

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Geranium puzzle


My favourite plants on the patio are my geraniums and especially the striped/flecked ones. We keep them over winter in the cellar and do take cuttings. So this year, two of my older plants have got confused. Half the plant has true coloured petals and the other the flecked ones. Anyone any idea why????


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My embarassing day!


Superstition, which I pay no attention to says that things come in threes, but I’m not convinced……

I had a Shira day on Tuesday and so we two went off for a trot around what we call the block and en route we passed one of the holiday homes we look after. To my surprise, there was a Council van parked there and about six people leaning over the fence, looking at the cellar. I must admit I panicked and thought something was up. The worker replied to my question it was all to do with grass cutting, to which I replied, Dave had only cut that grass an hour previously, but no, it turned out a tractor was on the bike path with a flail cutter and they were raking up the stones and bits of trees that had been left behind. It seems they were discussing the house and how it used to flood before the back was built up, to which I could happily reply it never did now.  Ice broken, we chatted,Shira was given a biscuit and we trotted on our way, me going, OH Help, was I too unfriendly, what are they saying……


Later that day I had to drive to Murau, and on the way found a cow standing on the main road. No One insight but a man working in a shed. When I called him , yes he said, they’re coming in for milking – I hadn’t seen the opened fence. But there was no on there, I justified myself. As I drove on, I felt God saying to me, don’t embarrass yourself again, Zip it, I was on the way to a PCC meeting.

The meeting was all to do with a contract for the Pastor, and the Superintendent was there, who I thought was a bit of a dummy, but he went up in my estimation as he held the meeting and conflicts to order. I did find my ire rising over our own area, the Lungau being neglected, but managed to get a pint in that we should have a planning meeting.  Then due to boring church rules ( I could hear Jesus saying, how long do I have to put up with this), no PCC in the Bible, we had to vote REALLY secretly as a technicality for the Pastor. I really wanted a bit of time to think about this, and was panicked again. But finally voted in the affirmative.

Only to realise, I’d spelt it in English………..


Travel theme: Decoration

The Christmas Egg Shop in Salzburg

Couldn’t resist this one after seeing Ailsapm’s visit to Leavensworth. We have a Christmas shop in Salzburg which features decorated Christmas eggs. Here’s  a reblog of me last visit there!


Sounds odd doesn’t it? I added the egg bit and you can see why!P1250805

We found this shop several years ago, when it was a wet, cold day for tourists in Salzburg and just going into its colourful warmth lifted our spirits.


It does have a wonderful selection of eggs for Christmas and some new themes as shown on my pictures.


Here I want to feature the Easter Eggs. All ready for the Austrian/Catholic/Pagan tradition of having a tree of willow buds decorated in your house on Easter Sunday.


Sound of music ones of course!

I do a tree too as a bit of colour to enjoy, no belief system.


Can’t escape Mozart either!


But aren’t they pretty??????


Ready to be painted

The shop in in the Judengasse in the old city, so do pop in and enjoy!


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